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Bridgelux featured in Semiconductor Today: Bridgelux launches neutral-white LED arrays, delivering 4100K color temp

LED lighting and chip making firm Bridgelux Inc of Livermore, CA, USA has announced the commercial availability of its ES and RS LED Array products in a neutral-white color temperature (4100K). The new arrays extend Bridgelux’s portfolio across the white color spectrum, aiming to drive the increasingly rapid transformation of high-volume outdoor area and commercial lighting applications.

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Bridgelux featured in ZDNet: Ex storage exec talks up smart lighting technology

Once the head of storage leader Seagate Technology, Bridgelux CEO Bill Watkins now seeks to tackle the inflection point faced by the lighting industry as the world embraces more energy-efficient technologies.

By Heather Clancy

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Bridgelux featured in Smart Planet: Bridgelux CEO Bill Watkins: With LEDs, $100B lighting industry nears ‘major tech revolution’

When the world gets you down, start a cleantech company.

That’s the sense I got from Bridgelux CEO Bill Watkins, who reinvented his career by moving from the semiconductor industry to the burgeoning greentech one.

Watkins, who once led computer storage company Seagate Technology, says he’s hell-bent on making his new Livermore, Calif.-based company successful — and he plans on doing so by disrupting the $100 billion worldwide general lighting market with his company’s LED bulbs.

 By Andrew Nusca

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Bridgelux featured in Compound Semiconductor: Bridgelux awarded by UL for LEDs

Bridgelux Earns UL Recognition for Entire Portfolio of LED Array Products Recognition Simplifies UL Certification for Bridgelux Customers, Accelerating Introduction of New LED Lighting Products

 Bridgelux, a developer and manufacturer of LED lighting technologies and solutions has been awarded Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Recognition for its entire portfolio of LED Array light sources.

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Bridgelux featured in Semiconductor Today: Bridgelux earns UL recognition for portfolio of LED Array products

LED lighting and chip maker Bridgelux Inc of Livermore, CA, USA has earned Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recognition for its entire portfolio of LED Array light sources, which includes the LS, ES and award-winning RS products. Bridgelux says that certification should accelerate the introduction of new LED lighting products by making it possible to obtain UL Listed status for new lamps and luminaires built with its arrays without requiring a full in-system LED component evaluation.


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Bridgelux featured in the San Francisco Chronicle: Tesla joins with Toyota to reopen Nummi plant

Tesla Motors announced Thursday it will use a $50 million investment from Toyota Corp. to help it buy the recently closed Nummi auto plant in Fremont and reopen it to build electric cars.

The project will bring badly needed jobs to the Bay Area and is a surprising win for the Bay Area’s green economy just seven weeks after New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. laid off 4,700 unionized auto workers as its two owners, General Motors and Toyota, ended their 25-year partnership at California’s last auto plant.
By Tom Abate and David Baker

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Bridgelux featured in Innovative new modules bring LED’s closer to widespread use

Last week’s LIGHTFair International (LFI) in Las Vegas, the world’s largest architectural and commercial lighting trade show, reported record breaking attendance of over 20,000 industry professionals. 
Many attendees are watching the industry closely to see innovative product solutions, particularly LED’s. This year did not disappoint.  While many manufacturers have shown LED luminaires and lamp (bulb) replacements in previous years, the industry is making enough progress that more of these solutions are nearing readiness for widespread use.

By Lisa Barter

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Molex and Bridgelux Take the Big Prize at LF2010!

Molex Helieon module with Bridgelux array won the “Most Innovative Product” award, the highest honor one can achieve at Lightfair!

As a consultant to Molex on their entry into the SSL arena, specifically on the Transcend and Helieon projects, I can offer that the effort put into understanding the lighting market, and how SSL can be applied within it, has been impressive. Seeing them take the prize was a thrill for me personally, and certainly for the groups at both Molex and Bridgelux. Playing the role of “Lighting Guy” in this group of exceptional electronics and mechanical engineers, who tackle connector problems in everything from cars and consumer products to computers and spaceships, I’ve experienced a development pace unprecedented. The combination of optics, tactile feel, simplicity in application, and potential for further expansion of capabilities, the Helieon is just one more example of what a market leading connector manufacture can do for the lighting market.

By kwillmorth

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Bridgelux featured in EDN: Lighting modules integrate LEDs, drivers, optics, and heat sinks

Cree recently announced a line of lighting modules that combines the company’s TrueWhite LEDs with driver electronics, optics, and primary-thermal-management components. The first product in the new line, the LMR4 LED module, consumes 12W, delivers 700 lumens at a warm-white color temperature of 2700K with a CRI (color-rendering index) of 90, and has a minimum lifetime of 35,000 hours. All a fixture manufacturer needs to do is drop in an optional heat sink to accommodate high-temperature applications, such as down lights for insulated ceilings, and then design the external fixture package. The result is a low-power, long-life solid-state-lighting luminaire. Cree offers an evaluation kit, including two luminaires and two dimmers, for $199.
By Margery Conner

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Bridgelux featured in Compound Semiconductor: Bridgelux and Molex win LIGHTFAIR award for innovation

The Helieon LED lighting system is claimed to be the first plug-and-play, sustainable solid state lighting module to integrate high-efficiency precision lighting with an easy-to-use socketed solution to accelerate innovation and enable the mass adoption of solid state lighting.

Combining solid state lighting technology from Bridgelux and interconnect technology from Molex, the Helieon lighting system provides easy interchangeability, upgradeability and replacement.

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